The Play-Write Project

This past year, Carousel Theatre took on a new and exciting challenge by hosting a group of five budding playwrights in our new creative endeavor, The Play-Write Project. Over the course of several months, they have met virtually, sharing ideas and cheering each-other on as they took on the daunting task of writing their own original one act plays. Final drafts are in, scripts are hot off the presses, and it’s time to hit the stage!

Our first auditions in over a year are in the books! Thank you to all the wonderful and talented people who found time to take part. We are so excited to get started on these fantastic original shows. Congratulations to everyone who was cast! Check out the cast list below.

Long Time, No See-By Michael Stout Martin

Directed by DC Felton

David – Justin Gilkerson
Jonathan – Caron Ditmer

Game Night – By Karin Hooper

Directed by Mickie Larche

Kally – Jenna Darsee
Deanna – Hayley Rauzi
Lori – Megan Shipley
Jane – Peggy George

A Prayer for the Lost and Found – By John Claes

Directed by DC Felton

Grandpa – Joel Hade
Anthony Da Silva – Michael Kleene
Jean Da Silva – Ericka Eckley
Tony Da Silva – Callen Kleene
St. Anthony of Padua – Tony Foley

Last Call – By Randy Stone

Directed by Mickie Larche

Ted – Russel Jones
Bill – Tony Foley
Tony – Michael Powers
Adam – Justin Gilkerson
Shelly – Beth Coffey
Bob – Tim Eckley
Angelica – Anna Sunstom

A Powerful Placebo – By Joan Boskovich

Directed by Mickie Larche and DC Felton

Anne – Deb Hade
Joe – Joel Hade
Carol – Beth Coffey
Irene – Lindsey Wildman


What is The Play-Write Project?

We, like so many other theatre lovers, are feeling the pain of not being able to do the art form we love. In an effort to bring a creative outlet to our community, we are excited to present our first ever “Play-Write” Project, Carousel’s newest artistic endeavor.

Have you ever wanted to write a play, but never got around to it? The Play-Write Project is the perfect opportunity for you. Designed to be a collaborative effort, The Play-Write Project will bring together up to 8 local playwrights to write a show, which will then be performed as a one weekend event in our 2021-22 season. Whether you are new to writing, or have years of experience, all are welcome.

The group of playwrights will be meet virtually twice a month through the month of April 2021. Over that time period they will have the chance to come up with a story, characters, locations and dialogue for their own original play. The whole process will be led by a facilitator, there to encourage creativity, keep ideas flowing and help guide the group through the steps of writing a play.