The Play-Write Project

What is The Play-Write Project?

We, like so many other theatre lovers, are feeling the pain of not being able to do the art form we love. In an effort to bring a creative outlet to our community, we are excited to present our first ever “Play-Write” Project, Carousel’s newest artistic endeavor.

Have you ever wanted to write a play, but never got around to it? The Play-Write Project is the perfect opportunity for you. Designed to be a collaborative effort, The Play-Write Project will bring together up to 8 local playwrights to write a show, which will then be performed as a one weekend event in our 2021-22 season. Whether you are new to writing, or have years of experience, all are welcome.

The group of playwrights will be meet virtually twice a month through the month of April 2021. Over that time period they will have the chance to come up with a story, characters, locations and dialogue for their own original play. The whole process will be led by a facilitator, there to encourage creativity, keep ideas flowing and help guide the group through the steps of writing a play.



Registration is now closed.