[Title of Show]

Postponed to fall 2021.

[Title of Show] written by Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell, directed by Andra Peeler-DiMarco and staring Jay Jacobson, Molly Larche, Alex Lindsley and Michelle Vaudrin is a quirky musical comedy about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical. Based in New York City with ever changing pop culture references and upbeat music, [Title of Show] makes light of the process of creating an original musical. We follow as the characters Jeff and Hunter set out to create a new musical, leading them to write a musical about their process of writing a musical. Sandwiching adult humor and heartfelt moments, [Title of Show] is sure to leave audiences laughing all night long.

Dates and Times



La Vida Loca Winery

7852 Jesup St, Indianola, IA 50125

cast list

Jeff: Jay Jacobson

Hunter: Alex Lindsley

Heidi: Molly Larche

Susan: Michelle Vaudrin

Directed by Andra Peeler-DiMarco



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